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A Kayaking and Paddle Boarding Fundraiser to Improve the Quality of Life of Our Veterans

In 2015 we raised $3,937 through donations, registration fees, and sponsorships.  In 2016 we raised $6,482, and a 25% increase in the number of paddlers!  In 2017 we saw a 35% increase in paddlers, and doubled the amount we raised – in the range of $13,000.  The event benefited Companions For Heroes a 501c that provides therapy dogs to Veterans, and Help Our Military Heroes, a 501c organization that provides adaptive minivans for disabled Veterans (read more about this local organization).

IMG_3248At Downunder we see on a regular basis the calming and healing power of the water, how it reduces stress, and relaxes people, and animals.  We are huge supporters of getting people and dogs on the water.  We even have our own store dog – Fin, a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, that’s been winning hearts since January of 2016, and paddles with anyone who wants him. 

Paddle Boarding and Kayaking can be great workouts or just something fun to do.  Develop skill and confidence, and hopefully you will join us at this years event – recreation-ally or competitively.  

The 3rd Annual Stand Up For Veterans Event was held on Saturday, July 8, 2017 at Downunder, 575 Riverside Avenue, Westport, CT.  The registration was free for military veterans and first responders. We are eager to involve as many of these individuals as possible – if you can help us, please email  To receive more information/the Sponsor Deck please also email


2017 Sponsors and Pictures

A dropbox album of pictures and video will be published mid to late July







On the 8 person inflatable paddle board, we had one veteran, guys, gals, a child and a couple of dogs – a great representation of the event.  Nikki Fuentes, one of the Rowayton Store Managers, received the ‘Spirit’ award, for her American Flag inspired bikini, hat, and shirt.  We have to say she is the epitomy of ‘spirit’ and we are grateful to have her as part of the Downunder family.  She also came in third in the 3 mile race – her first ever!


2016 Sponsors and Pictures

Follow this link to our dropbox album of pictures and video