Downunder – Specialists in Kayak Lessons and Stand-up Paddle Board Lessons

Downunder kayaking and SUP instructors are certified by the leading authority in Paddle Sports, the American Canoe Association.  Our instructors are trained in skills, group management, and safety, as well as first aid and CPR certified.

Downunder offers a range of group kayak lessons and stand-up paddle board lessons. We also offer private instruction either on-site or off-site. Our guides are available to show you around the local area, or ensure your are comfortable and trained during your outing.


Quickstart Ocean Kayak Lessons – 2 hours

  • Maximum 5 participants per class.
  • $100 includes kayak equipment and life vest rental.
  • Ocean kayaks, or sit-on-tops, are far easier and safer than cockpit-style/sit-inside sea kayaks.
  • For beginners, and focused on the recreational kayaker who wants to learn the skills to make their paddling experience optimal.


Quickstart Sea Kayak Lessons – 3 hours

  • Maximum 5 participants per class.
  • $125 includes kayak and equipment rental, $95 if using own kayak.
  • Please note: BYO kayak requires put-in at public dock, NOT at Downunder.
  • About sea-kayak, or sit-in kayaks:
    • Traditionally longer, narrower, faster, but not as stable.
    • More difficult a bit trickier to get back into if you capsize, so a class can be very important.
    • Best suited for those who want speed and control, would like to paddle in a variety of conditions, and go longer distances than recreational kayakers.
  • This class offers more skills such as edging in your turns, bracing for waves/chop, and how to capsize including turning your boat over, getting back in (assisted and unassisted), and emptying any water.
  • This is one of our favorite classes!
  • Kayak for a Cause (KFAC) participants receive a 25% discount.




Stand-up Paddle Board (SUP) Instruction and Tours


SUP Beginner: 1 hour
  • Maximum 5 participants per class.
  • $45 includes SUP rental and life vest.
  • Learn the fundamentals of SUP boarding in a safe flat-water environment.
    • Balance, paddle technique, turning, walking on the board and more!
    • Extra emphasis on balance and coordination
    • Our boards are stable and very forgiving, and we ensure your successful experience!


SUP Elite: 1 hour
  • Maximum 5 participants per class.
  • $55 includes SUP demos of the boards we sell. Learn more about our SUP board brands.
  • Once you have mastered the basics, we encourage you to come back for a tour, or take your favorite board out, enjoy some racing or relays, and especially SUP yoga!


Private Instruction – Kayak or SUP by Appointment


Private lessons (one-on-one instruction):
  • $100 per hour
Semi-private lessons (one instructor for your group):
  • $80 per person for 2 people
  • $60 per person for 3 people
  • $50 per person for 4 or more.  All equipment is included for private and semi-private lessons.
  • Off-site instruction available by appointment and an instructor will meet you for kayak or SUP transportation, and can transport SUP/Kayak and all equipment.