Downunder Product Reviews – Part 1

To help with your holiday shopping, we will be featuring a few of our products each week, with their reviews, over a series of blogs leading up to December 24th. We hope you will find this a helpful resource. If you have any questions about any of the items please reach out to us. We will be happy to talk you through it and assist in picking the perfect gifts for your loved ones! (And remember, there is always the gift card option.)


“My husband loves his Turq Performance Underwear! He’s even requested a second pair for the upcoming summer. He enjoys riding stand-up jet ski but hates the gap he gets between his lifejacket and boardshorts. Turq solves that problem by keeping everything covered. They dry quickly and have a nice level of support. He’s on the upper end of the ‘medium’ measurements yet they fit great. Overall, if the man in your life loves summer water activities, he needs these shorts!”

“These are awesome, I bought one pair to try out and then bought 2 more. They work perfect and fit great under my swim trunks and running clothes. I highly recommend them for any active man.” (

“Wow…they’ve finally solved the problem of what to do about wet underwear under boardshorts. If you’ve worn boardshorts before you know exactly what I’m talking about – most men’s underwear tends to absorb water and stay wet long after your boardshorts have dried off. These shorts are made of a water-repellent fabric that dries extremely quickly. No more discomfort from walking around in cold, wet underwear for hours after you get out of the ocean/lake/pool. The fabric is also extremely soft and flexible, so they could be worn as normal underwear on any given day. I hope this company starts making these in a brief style. They only have trunk style right now and it gets the job done so I’m not complaining – just more of a wish list, because the fabric is unlike anything I’ve ever worn in the water before.”

“I bought these to wear under my bathing suit because of the rash with mesh lining. I even cut the lining out and it did not help. I purchased two pairs to try them out and my problem has been solved. Quick drying and comfortable under wet bathing suit.” (online review)


“I just love these things. This is my second pair. Wetsuit and booties go on and off as if I was greased. I got them for a surfing buddy who has a problem getting in and out of his gear.” (online review)

“The glorious little socks make it a breeze getting in and out of your wetsuit. One of the hardest parts of getting a wetsuit on and off is always your lower leg and feet. Your foot either drags dry slowly through the last foot of the leg when you’re putting it on or your arms that are dead from paddling have to fight to get the suit off your feet. The Wetsox, which are available in standard or thermal, make that a thing of the past. The suit just slides on and off. It’s that easy. They even have a split toe so you can rock your split toe booties and keep the sea ninja look going.” (Upscout)

“These thermal wetsocks make getting in and out of your booties tolerable. I used to struggle (after a few hours of surfing in heavy neoprene) to take my booties off. With the wet socks, they come up with one tug. They do make my feet a little colder than with just booties. But it’s worth it not to be panting as I decide how bad it would be to just leave my booties on.” (Wetsuit Warehouse)

“With very little fuss or muss the foot slipped in and in no time my feet were settled into the booties, all warm and comfy. The real test though, is always the bootie removal.

I can report that with just three moves, one to insert fingers down the cuff and past the heel and then two tugs, the booties were off!! Easy Peasy!!” (Distressed Mullett)


“Skida is from the great state of Vermont and truly makes wonderful products. Hats and neckwarmers are one size fits all, but the options for their patterns are not. Some of Skida’s patterns in the Alpine Hat line are aligned with great causes such as the Kelly Brush Foundation and SheJumps.” (

“I gave this to my granddaughter for Christmas, and she loves it. The fabric is so lightweight, but she said is very warm. I love the lavender fabric. Awesome.” (

“Perfect for skiing and extremely soft unlike other neck gaiters I’ve had in the past. And cute patterns!” (online review)

“The neckwarmer wicks moisture exceptionally well. I noticed this particularly on the day I took it running in the rain. Skida Founder Corinne Prevot’s explains: ‘We use a soft Polartec micro-fleece lining, and as it collects moisture from your breath, the poly-blend outer fabric wicks away that moisture, keeping the cozy fleece-lining warm and comfy against your face’.” (

Fusion StereoActive Waterproof Speaker

“Incredible sound for such a small unit. It picks up radio stations clear with no static! I wanted a stereo that was rechargeable and lasted more than 4 hours, had FM stations, Weatherband, completely waterproof, Bluetooth and one that was loud enough to be able to hear over our 4 wheeler and that is exactly what I got! There isn’t any other stereo out there that has all these features!”

“Not a better product in the market place. Fusion took its time and did it right before realizing this product” (online review)


“Ball extreme: Perfect to play with in the ocean or in the pool. Wonderfully soft and just the right weight! Durable, too, not a scratch on it after two weeks of intensive use. Excellent bounce on the water, took only fifteen minutes to come on how to throw to get good bounce. Affordable!” (

“Our kid tried it at a friend’s house and loved it. Think about this when you contemplate Christmas or that break for warm weather if you’ve had enough of snow and slush, later this year…this could be a great holiday gift.”

“It works in both swimming pools and oceans or anywhere with a decent sized body of water. Some cautions: test it first as it can be a bit much for small children. Our son, however, has been hitting baseballs and kicking soccer balls for years so this was no big deal to him.”

“This ball really DOES bounce on water but you need to get the knack for it. It isn’t hard, just takes a bit of practice, the kind you used to skip stones or learn to hit a ping pong ball. Once you’ve learned it, you’ll be fine.”

Watch the fun begin! When it comes to a toy that allows kids to invent new games, get some exercise and just have fun, this one really is a winner. It is popular so I wouldn’t wait because it could sell out.” (online review)

“Ball extreme: The Waboba Balls are so much fun! My kids LOVE them and so do the adults! Great for any age! I highly recommend this product!” (

“If you have someone who’s into water-sports and bouncing balls, this is the perfect gift.” (