and for those that are tricky… we have gift cards!


Starting off with gear for SUP & water sports lovers, and moving on to cool gifts for everyone, then gifts by price bracket.


Do you have cross bars on your vehicle?

  • Rack Pads – with the jazzy Downunder logo, these go over the cross bars on your car ($30)
  • Straps – with a cam buckle to ensure that they don’t move and your SUP stays secure ($19.95), bungies and rope are NOT a good idea
  • Thule SUP Taxi – the Rolls Royce in SUP carriers, this will carry up to two surf or SUP boards, and not only locks to your cross bars, it locks your board(s) in as well. Keep your SUP safe and secure. ($219.35)

No cross bars…

  • Soft Racks – this kit attaches to your car and to the board – keeping them secure. ($64.99)
  • Stacker pads – more than one board? It’s a good idea to separate them with a set of stacker pads ($24.95)

Outer Gear


  • Industry leader MTI – front and side opening jackets for men, women, youth, and children ($40 – $160)
  • Waist packs – preferred by SUPers, particularly racers ($160)
  • Ocean Lineage PFD In A Bag ($39.99)

Wetsuits by O’Neill – the first wetsuit manufacturer, and the coolest!

  • Epic – 3/2mm, 4/3 mm ($140 – $160)
  • D’Lux – 3/2mm, 4/3 mm ($269 – $289)
  • With Hood attached ($384)
  • Reactor boots ($44.95)
  • Split toe boots ($35 – $120)
  • 7mm Heat boots ($64.95)
  • Gloves ($35), Hoods ($60), Beanie ($20 – $30)
  • Jackets ($84.95)
  • Long Johns ($80 – $100)
  • Layering pieces from Suntek shirts to fleece ($20 – $80)
  • Waterproof gear bags ($20 – $30)

Drysuit by Ocean Rodeo

  • Soul $849
  • Ignite $1049

Wetsuit cleaner – at least once a season you should use this ($10)

Neoprene cement – for repairs ($19.95)

Hydration packs – chest and waist varieties

Paddles – Upgrade!

These are great gifts – many paddlers start with something basic, when really, they should get the lightest most aerodynamic option possible to prevent wear on your shoulders, reduce fatigue, and lead to improved form and an overall better paddling experience. Paddles – $139-400. Paddle bags keep them protected from getting banged around, Yolo $49.99, Kialoa neoprene $66.

Other Accessories

  • Board Bags – more protection and insulation than a sock ($139-259.99)

Paddle Boards

Range from $879 through $2,899 for an all Carbon board. Most are in the $1,000-1,500 range. Factors that impact price are construction (materials, # layers of fiberglass), design features (can you surf it, does it have bungy cords for gear, what’s the traction pad like…), reputation/experience of company. We suggest you keep in mind that you will have your board for a long time – SUP is a huge industry because paddlers get hooked their first time. Many of our customers have up to 3 boards – extra’s for other family members or friends, and for racing. Boards fall into these broad categories:

  • Recreational – an all rounder that anyone will enjoy
  • Fitness/Racing – designed for long distance, or speed
  • Inflatable – ease of transportation, hard to damage, moves with the water (flex)

Demo boards are discounted up to 30% at the end of the season. Check out our sale page… there are a couple left.

Surfboards ($495 – $845)

And, remember that it is very important to take care of your board(s) to prolong their lifespan and help prevent damages. We carry two great products – Blue Goo and Extreme Cream ($29.95 set) – that will clean them up at the end of the season, before putting it in a board bag to keep it insulated and safe over the winter months.


  • Ankle leash ($32.95 – $40)
  • Rail Tape ($49.95)
  • Board Patch kit ($29.95)
  • Surfboard Wax ($3.00)
  • Wax remover/Wax comb ($1.95)
  • DocksLocks – ($29.95) Lock your board to your car, rack, something in the yard or the beach club – but be sure to lock it. Alternatively get the Thule SUP Taxi ($219) which locks to the cross bars on your vehicle AND to your board(s) – carries up to two.


Ella Vickers Sail Bags ($40 – $239)

Waterproof Watches

  • Neff – ($30 – $45)

GO Pro

  • HD Hero 4 – ($499.99)
  • Session – ($199.99)
  • Accessories – ($10 – $50)


Sunglasses are just as essential as sunscreen when you’re out on a bright summer day. We have a huge selection of Smith, Maui Jim, Suncloud, and Neff sunglasses. Prices vary, but there’s a pair of sunglasses for anyone, even the kids; we carry a special line of Bomber sunglasses for the young-uns.


Skateboarding and longboarding are awesome sports that keep your carving skills up during the times when you’re off the water. We offer a large selection of longboards. From the vintage Penny board to the Kahuna carvers. Prices range from $109 – $400. Get the snow boarding blade and use your stick on the slopes!!!

Winter Clothing, Resort Wear, Accessories

We carry a wide selection of jackets, sweaters, sandals, shoes, boots, hats, gloves, scarves, jewelry, bags and gifts starting $5…


Under $25

  • Straps
  • Stacker Pads
  • Wetsuit patch/cleaner
  • Kids watches
  • GOPro camera mounts/accessories
  • Board patch kit
  • Surfboard Wax
  • Wax Comb/Wax remover
  • Santa SUP and Santa Surf Ornaments
  • Hog Wild Poppers and Targets
  • Monkey Fist key chain
  • SUP fins
  • stickers
  • Waterproof phone packs
  • SUP TAC T-Grip
  • Tuflite touch up paint
  • Smart Screw
  • FCS key and shim
  • Feelfree kayak drain plug
  • Feelfree kayak scupper plugs


  • Rack Pads
  • Soft Racks
  • Semi coil/coil ankle leash
  • Dog Lifejackets
  • Split-toe boots
  • Beanies
  • Hoods
  • Gloves
  • Waterproof gear bags
  • Adult watches
  • Rail Tape
  • GOPro camera mounts/accessories
  • Autographed Laird Hamilton Force Of Nature
  • Surf and SUP videos
  • Turq Swim Briefs
  • Phone packs and accessories
  • SUP Buddy Pad
  • Suction Cargo Net
  • Docklocks SUP locking system
  • PFD In A Bag
  • Blue Goo/Extreme Cream for SUPs


  • Life Jackets
  • Wetsuits
  • Wetsuit Jackets
  • SUP fins
  • SUP Wheels
  • Skim Boards
  • Kahuna Big Stick


  • Thule Sup Taxi
  • Thule Hula Port – kayak carrier
  • Waist Life Jackets
  • Paddles
  • High-end wetsuits
  • C-Tug Kayak Trolley
  • Go Pro Session
  • Skim Boards
  • Kahuna Big Stick


  • GOPro HD hero 4
  • Paddles


  • SUPS
  • Surfboards
  • Kayaks