A Unique Party on the Water

Children’s Parties – Ages 6+ 

Join us for two exhilarating hours on the water with the Downunder Dudes engaging in games such as tandem paddling, boat swapping, relays, races, and sponge fights! Whatever the age, we know how to make it fun. All kids wear a life jacket and learn about the gear, what’s involved, conditions, safety and basic skills.  All our guides are experienced and have earned first aid and CPR certifications.

Weekdays:  Weekday parties are at a discounted rate! Kayaks $65pp (6 years + in Rowayton, 9 years+ in Westport), Paddleboards $65pp (9 years+)

Weekend:  Kayaks $70pp (6 years + in Rowayton, 9 years+ in Westport), Paddleboards $70pp (9 years+)

A 50% deposit is required to reserve, based on the anticipated number of participants.  You may make changes to the number up to 1 week before.


All parties are scheduled around a high tide.  Give us a call at 203-956-6217 (Westport) or 203-642-3660 (Rowayton), and we’ll help you choose the perfect day and time.

Party Favors:
10% off anything you buy in the store for favors. Options include jewelry, towels, Hog Wild Poppers and Keychains, clothing, and toys.








Meg Capadanno:  “A heartfelt thank you to you and your wonderful staff for providing such a phenomenal SUP experience to my daughter and all of the other kids who participated in the SUPIA event.  By the show of hands, you had many first-timers braving the waters with you.  It was amazing to watch you in action from the shore, managing to teach every young paddler how to stand up and maneuver.  My daughter, Jane, arrived with nervous jitters but left with genuine confidence and a feeling of accomplishment.  The two hours she spent with you was the perfect way to introduce her to a sport that she has watched her cousins and siblings have fun with but has been too shy to attempt.  Now she can paddle with the best of ’em!  As a mom of 3, including a 13 year old, I am always happy to have a screen-free physical activity to do together.  They may give me one word answers at the dinner table or on a ride to a friend’s house, but the conversation flows while bodies are in motion.  We look forward to using our gift cards from Santa when school lets out!”

Christine Fulton: Kim, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the fantastic birthday party my son had in Rowayton last Friday. He and his friends had an amazing time and I got calls all weekend from parents saying that their kids couldn’t stop talking about it. Your staff that went out with the kids were fun, enthusiastic while also maintaining an aura of authority, which I think is hard to do with a bunch of 9 year olds. And your staff in the store was equally helpful and kind. We will definitely be booking another party with you and hope to get lots of kayaking in as a family this summer. It was tremendous. Thank you again!”

Nicole Hornick:BEST PARTY EVER!!!  Or so said ALL the girls when they came back!  Thank you so much.  I’m sure you heard how absolutely lucky we were with the weather.  Thanks again for a great afternoon!”  Nicole 

Pam & Olivia Negri: Olivia had never been in a kayak before, but thanks to your knowledable staff she quickly got the hang of it and Loved it! Liv liked the message in the bottles, treasure hunts and especially the sponge fights – also when Michael tipped them over!”

Beth and Michael Colonna:  Michael loved the Mom and me program.  He was so proud of his accomplishments over the 2 weeks and loved the excursions around the local shoreline.

Deb Goll:  “They (3 siblings) enjoyed learning how to kayak and to gain confindence on the water.  It was great fun to see them off and greet them upon their return.”

J. Lamando: “We had a great time with Down Under Kayaking for my daughter Bridgette’s  10th birthday.  The guides kept the girl’s laughing and Kim led the party with a wonderful balance of safety, education and terrific storytelling!  The girl’s came off the water with huge smiles on their faces!”

Sarah Elliman (9yrs): “It was the best party ever”