Locking Options for Paddleboards and Kayaks

by Kim Hawkins

Sadly, people are stealing paddle boards – off cars, beaches, homes.  We have a variety of ways that you can secure your board, or your kayak.

You have many options for ways to secure your board, against theft, and against weather e.g. wind/storms.

Thule SUP Taxi

  • If you have invested in one of these, you’re in good shape, at least when the vessel is on your vehicle. The SUP Taxi locks both to your car and to your board.
  • Kanu Locks. If you don’t have the SUP Taxi, we suggest you use Kanu Locking Straps to secure the board to your car.  These steel reinforced straps lock.

On your property

  • Dock Locks. A great and simple system designed for paddle boards, but can be used with kayaks as well.  Utilizing a cable and key system – that inserts into the fin box or attaches to any of the cleats – you can secure the board to the car (cross bars, or through the door,) to a dock, or any physical structure.
  • Cables and locks – if you can make them tight enough, this will secure your equipment.


  • Always good to have a board bag to protect your board from the elements, it also discourages theft in that the thief cannot see what is inside it.
  • Securing the board and bag to a dock or physical structure will ensure that the wind cannot pick it up and take off with it.
  • If you don’t have a physical structure, consider getting some racks and attaching them to the garage or side of the house. We have horizontal racks that will accommodate two SUPs or several surfboards, an angle rack that gives clearance for a car in a garage, and a ceiling rack that is ideal for inside the garage/shed, or under a deck.

Be safe out there!