Staycation – Downunder at the ‘Beach’

In 2017 the Town of Darien invited us to open a concession at the gorgeous Weed Beach.
Which is great news for residents, AND for non-residents – folk from towns south and west no longer have to struggle with the I-95 traffic. With a paid reservation and a $10 beach pass, they can get off at exit 10 and enjoy a day at the beach along with a paddle!

We are so grateful for this opportunity to make many more paddling destinations accessible to paddlers. At Weed we offer 1 hour options for renting all equipment – single and double kayaks, paddle board, and new this year the 8 person inflatable paddle board! We’re also offering a special deal for kids – $35 for a ½ hour with a guide, up to 3 kids per guide, on kayaks or paddle boards. Meaning you can chill for a bit, confident that your kids are in good hands.

Next to Weed Beach we have Holly Pond, a beautiful secluded area for paddling, and an easy 1 hour excursion.

Cove Island Harbor

On the backside of Holly Pond there is an inlet that takes you through to the Cove Island Harbor. An ideal way to see a lot of the area, and return to Weed without backtracking. The harbor can also be accessed from the Sound, and might include stopping off at the many coves along the shore.

Vincent Island

A ½ hour to 40 minute paddle east, will take you round the residential island known as Gateway, to Vincent Island. On Vincent you’ll find the remains of a stone cottage, a lovely sandy beach and several tidal pools.

Pear Tree Beach

Paddling in the opposite direction, around Pratt and Nash Islands (residential islands that are connected to the mainland by a road), you’ll come to Darien’s other beach, Pear Tree. Consider going there for a picnic!

Goodwives River

Beyond Pear Tree is the Goodwives River. A delightful paddle in a protected area, with lots of wildlife to see. At high tide you can get as far as Gorham Pond.

Zieglers Cove, Scott Cove and the Fish Islands

For the adventurous, paddling across to Pear Tree Point from Nash and Pratt, you’ll find these two coves (Scott is tidal), and the well-known Fish Islands. The larger of the islands you can get off on – as far as the high tide line. Many tidal pools to explore here as well.

About that 8 person paddle board – knew that would attract your attention! 8 adults can comfortably paddle it, and it’s not hard – you might be a bit wobbly to start off with, but once you get in sync it’s easy going. We’ve had up to 14 kids and a couple of dogs on it. Great for a family outing, birthday party, or mucking around with your mates. And that thing can fly, it’s easy to pick up speed when 8 or more are paddling!

Some people expressed concern that we would be spreading ourselves thin, and take business from Rowayton. However, it’s quite the opposite. Both Westport and Rowayton are really busy locations, adding Weed allows us to alleviate some congestion, and it brings in a whole new market – business south and west. Westport is just 15 minutes north of Rowayton, and has been great for business. Weed was a smart business move, and has been well received by the Darien crowd.

Just think about it, you can chill at the beach, and when it gets boring or too hot – take a vessel out on the water. It’s a win win!

If you don’t have a beach pass, you’ll need a paid reservation – to get that, call the Westport store. Reservations need to be made a day in advance to guarantee that equipment will be available. You can always take a chance, day of, pay for the pass and equipment, and show up. Sometime during the day they will be able to accommodate you.

So head to the beach for a staycation!