Brody Welte created the comprehensive stand up paddling specific fitness system called PaddleFIT, and has appeared in publications such as: Shape, Self, Fitness and Coastal Living magazines.  Brody is now the Coach for the US Olympic Paddle Boarding team.

Welcome to PaddleFIT!

PaddleFit is a complete fitness system that takes you through a physical assessment which we then use to develop a clearly defined path that will help you achieve your goals.  First you need to know how to paddle – we recommend a lesson so that you learn skills that will ensure your paddling technique is efficient and effective, and help to prevent injury.  Then a PaddleFit Challenge where we asses your current fitness level.  And then a series of PaddleFit classes.  We offer the PaddleFit Challenge every other week so you can track your performance.


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PaddleFIT Classes $40

Using our equipment (although you are welcome to bring your own), you’ll participate in an amazing workout that engages all muscle groups, while improving paddling technique as well as strength and endurance.  Paddling drills, strength exercises, push-ups, planks, squats, mountain climbers, sprints, even burpees!   Class is for those who have some paddling experience.  If you don’t, take a lesson – it will make all the difference!



PaddleFIT Challenge $40 First Timers, $25 repeat or current PaddleFit class attendees
Offered bi-weekly on a Friday night – check online bookings, as it’s tide dependent.

Find out what your fitness and paddling skill level is.  The challenge involves timed exercises on land, a timed paddle, and some sample activities of what we do in a class.

Call Karen with any questions at 203-956-6217

PaddleFIT Program:

– Dynamic warm-up
– Interval training
– Cardio endurance
– Paddling skill building
– Core strength development
– Paddling technique
– Balance
– Injury prevention

Need to Know

Classes are for 16 yrs+.  While we don’t plan on you getting IN the water, it’s always a good idea to come prepared.  Appropriate clothing is wicking – not cotton – whatever you usually wear to workout in should be fine.  Shoes are not required.  Bring a water bottle – you do want to stay hydrated.  Any classes not early morning or early evening – pre-apply suntan lotion.  During the day you might want to consider a hat and sunglasses with a croakie.  Downunder of course carries all the gear you need/might like for your paddling experience.

Paddling Nights

Wednesday and Friday nights we offer community paddling from 6-7:30pm.  This is an opportunity to get out with other paddlers to challenge yourself.  Whether you’re working on form and technique or training to race, it’s a great to do it with other people.  Always booked ahead.  Standard rental fees apply.

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