You Always Have Time To Relax: How Some ‘Me Time’ Can Reduce Your Stress

Finding time to do the things you love in this day and age can feel impossible, but with “me time” having untold benefits – not just your psychological and physical wellbeing but also for the others in your life – it’s worth taking a look at.

With me time no longer being constrained to painting one’s nails or having a three hour lunch, more and more people are engaging in actual hobbies and travel. Maybe you should too.

The Benefits Of Relaxation For Your Stress Levels

A study out of the University of Birkbeck by Dr. Almuth McDowall found that individuals who engage in me time activities had a higher rate of satisfaction. Certain people apparently enjoy housework, but most prefer more leisurely activities. Quality me time has been shown to provide plenty of benefits for not just work productivity, but also for emotional and mental well-being.

Further research has shown that by spending me time on your own, whether that be a solo travel mission or just a solo trip to the movies, you will receive a number of benefits. These include increased ability to focus, an opportunity for greater self-awareness, a chance to rejuvenate your mental state, and a better mindset to work through your emotional problems.

If you are still in doubt as to whether a little recharge is in the cards for you, there are some very serious health effects that you can possibly acquire if you are in a perpetual state. Some of these conditions include heart attacks, weight gain, migraines, gastrointestinal issues and far weaker immune function. In terms of psychological well-being insomnia, depression and anxiety can all be caused by excess stress.

An inclusion of me time can help reduce agitation, this has been found to be especially crucial for relationships and it may contribute to a greater sense of control over your emotional state. It has even been purported to allow for a greater sense of self-confidence, as we learn to value ourselves and our needs, as well as those around us.

Studies have routinely found that athletes and patients with psychological disorders who routinely engage in physical exercise have far lower rates of stress levels and are less likely to become depressed. This can be linked to physical activities inherent ability to slash adrenaline and cortisol within the body, coupled with its emotional benefits of higher self-worth from increased fitness levels and lower weight.

The Mayo Clinic reports that the benefits of a more relaxed you are numerous, from a drop in blood pressure, lowered heart rate, less chance of digestion issues, higher flow of oxygen to muscles, an improvement in the duration of sleep, and more controlled breathing.

They advocate for the use of relaxation techniques in conjunction with other mechanisms such as exercise, socialization, actively trying to form a positive mindset and building in more humor-inducing activities into your daily routines. Perhaps for your “me time”, you may consider a visit to the comedy club after a long day or getting in touch with nature. And that is just what the doctor ordered.

Ways To Include “Me Time” In Your Life

Obviously the best way to rejuvenate your batteries is to indulge in what you already love doing. With more and more people identifying travelling as the main thing that they do to really treat themselves, they do so for a variety of reasons ranging from broadening of experiences, to giving their family or themselves the experiences they deserve.

If you find yourself on a business trip and with a couple extra moments to spare, perhaps consider indulging in some me time, whether this involves checking out the hotel lounge and ordering a little room service or getting out and experiencing some of the adventure sports available in your area. Maybe even view the local museum, botanical gardens or an art gallery if you’re feeling a bit cultured.

If you’re near a beach, lake or happen to find a SUP – Stand Up Paddling – organization, maybe check out the trend that is hitting the water world in a huge way. And with participation having increased year on year since 2010, it’s clear that there must be something about this trend that is predicted to become an Olympic sport that has everybody hooked. Maybe use your “me time” to get hooked on paddling.


The next time you are planning your day, getting frazzled by the ins and outs of daily life or if you feel overwhelmed by the nagging to do lists and neighbors, remember that just a little bit of me time can help you. Whether it’s protection from serious lifelong illnesses such as heart disease or the reduced chance of developing depression, a little bit of me time can help. Why not start today?

Guest Author Bio: Sarah may live an active lifestyle, but she puts relaxation first on her list. She started Relax Everyday to teach others the strategies she learned to achieve a healthier and calmer mind and body.