New this Holiday Season at Downunder – Santa’s Workshop!

Downunder will be featuring a variety of local artisans and their crafts from November 16th through December 24th. Shop local and support our community!

Dishraggs – Diana Kuen is a Downunder instructor and guide, as well as a rowing coach and yoga instructor at the Saugatuck Rowing Club. When she’s not on the water, Diana is growing her new business. Her product is top quality and many of her collections benefit a variety of charities.  Her towels are becoming the talk of the town!


The Kangaroo Girls – Keeping it in the family, our bookkeeper’s mother-in-law came up with the idea to add pockets to the traditional scarf – a handy place for your glasses, lipstick, wallet. Now, she makes a wide variety of designs using several different materials – even bamboo! A portion of all sales are generously donated to non-profit organizations.








3Dux/Design – is a true family business – Marci Klein, founder, is committed to promoting STEAM Education by offering an engaging platform that blends science, technology, math, and engineering with art and imaginative play. By incorporating sustainable and re-purposed materials into the product, we give today’s youth the tools to make a better tomorrow. With the help of her son and daughter (who actually came up with the idea), their product is gaining more and more popularity.

Modify Furniture – Marci Klein (founder of 3Dux/Design (above)) is an ambitious entrepreneur. She also created an innovative concept in modern design that’s all about you. You design, you colorize, you accessorize, you’re done.



Emma Lyn – Another ‘create it yourself’ business, this local company’s concept is applied to clutches, wristlets, key fobs, and lanyards. They help you personalize and customize your items with beautiful, fun, colorful – and practical – patterns. Enjoy designing your own accessories.






“Ree’s Designs” – Marie Jordan, a Wilton resident, creates amazing holiday ornaments and decorations out of re-purposed wood. Her products have been widely received for years. 






  • Michele Bassett Jewelry – Beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry created by a local artisan.


Other vendors may be added over the upcoming month. If you, or someone you know, has a product that you think would be a good addition to this line-up, please email