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Kayaking is easy, especially with our sit-on-top kayaks. Anyone can kayak and your favorite Kiwis will show you how.

One of the fastest growing water sports across the country, kayaking is great for any age or athletic ability. Our Westport location is handicap accessible, making kayaking possible for those with limited lower mobility, and it’s incredibly versatile.

We specialize in individual or tandem sit-on-top ocean kayaks. They are easier and safer to manage than the longer and narrower sea kayaks with cockpits. Sit-on-top kayaks offer hours of on-the-water fun and exploration.  If you fall out (hard to do!) it’s easy to get back on.  Give it a go alone or in a group, take a class, or join one of our kayaking tours!

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What do we paddle?

Downunder rents and retails (Westport location only) the Feelfree line of sit-on-top kayaks. Designed in New Zealand, these kayaks have a built-in wheel, making transportation easy. They also provide a very stable and comfortable ride, with features such as a bottle holder, paddle keeper, seat back, hatch to store some gear, and a bungie-covered enclosure for larger items. At Downunder we include scupper plugs in the rental fleet to help keep you dry!

Single NomadThe Nomad will make you smile – she’s stable, easy to turn, forgiving, easy to transport, and so cleverly designed it almost paddles itself… you’ll gain confidence in no time at all. The Nomad’s hull is designed with a combination of rocker and keel that give her good tracking and handling characteristics. Her chines give her grip in waves and surf. The Nomad is guaranteed to make you look good your first time out, no matter your ability. If you’re buying, consider getting the optional skeg for even better tracking. For whitewater or surf addicts, thigh straps are also available, which turbo charge the Nomad’s handling! 9’10” long by 30” wide, this kayak weighs 44 lbs and can carry up to 330 lbs! It’s really stable, maneuvers well, it’s perfect for touring, even for surfing, and fits nicely on top of the car.  Retails for $599

Single Juntos – The Feelfree Juntos packs utility and performance into one package. With additional space for a child or pet, this kayak is perfect for the paddler who wants to bring along a partner every now and then. It’s also a great solo kayak and includes our Wheel in the Keel for easy transport on your own as well as a pair of rod holders for those times when you just want to sneak off to a fishing spot by yourself.  11′ 2″ long by 30.5″ wide, weighs 60.6 lbs, capacity 397 lbs.  $649

Double Gemini The Gemini is our tandem sit-

on-top kayak, and carries up to 3 passengers comfortably (adults and a child), or can be converted over to a single kayak – now that’s versatile! The Feelfree Gemini will take you on journeys far from the troubles of everyday life. Designed with a variety of uses in mind such as the beach, surf, lagoon, or rivers, the Gemini is flexible enough for years of enjoyment, and grows with you as the kids get bigger and move from the jump seat to the front seat! The Gemini’s design gives her stability and ease of turning. Her comfortable, low-back seats assure paddlers hours of enjoyment every time. Also included are two quarter-turn storage hatches, self-draining cockpit, perimeter safety lines, a stern well, and molded-in handles. 12’4” long by 32.6” wide, this kayak weighs 70 lbs and can carry up to 550 lbs! Even more stable than a single kayak, its additional length assists with tracking and maneuverability, it’s perfect for touring, surfing, even fishing! The wheel in the keel is particularly nice with this larger kayak.  $799

Double – XL – Corona: The ultimate family kayak, the Feelfree Corona is comfortable, stable and versatile, with three different seating configurations. The middle section of the kayak can be utilized as a spot for a third paddler or be utilized for solo paddling by taking out the other seats. Whether you’re paddling the Corona solo, tandem or with three paddlers, you’ll find that it handles well on most bodies of water. And with molded in handles and our proven Wheel in the Keel, no one in the family will be complaining when it comes time to move it around.  13′ 1″ long by 33.75″ wide, weighs 79.4 lbs, capacity 617 lbs.  $849

Our Westport Surf Shop carries all the equipment and accessories you could ever need to outfit your kayak and new kayaking lifestyle – paddles, life jackets, and don’t forget cool swimwear, sandals, sunglasses, and hats.