SUP Sweat ~ SUP Core

If you love the gym and the water, then this 60 minute total body workout is the perfect combination for you to feel the burn!

Movements like squats, push-ups, and planks will have your core on fire and your arms, thighs and butt engaged while mini paddle drills get your heart racing.  If you get too hot, you’re on the water – take a dip!  Modifications can easily be made for beginners, or those nursing injuries.

Just standing on a paddle board engages your core and all the muscles in your legs, which helps with balance and stability. It is truly a workout for all ages and abilities.

Join ASI and NASM certified instructor Nicole Iacovetta to for this truly unique experience, and start working on that summer bod.  Group and private classes available.

Weds and Sat 9:15 1 hour $45.  Not June 2 or 16th.  Tidal.

 Program Details:

– Dynamic warm-up
– Interval training
– Cardio endurance
– Paddling skill building
– Core strength development
– Paddling technique
– Balance
– Injury prevention

Need to Know

While we don’t plan on you getting IN the water, it’s always a good idea to come prepared.  Appropriate clothing is wicking – not cotton – whatever you usually wear to workout in should be fine.  Shoes are not required.  Bring a water bottle – you do want to stay hydrated.  You might want to consider a hat and sunglasses with a croakie.  Downunder of course carries all the gear you need/might like for your paddling experience.

Wednesday nights we offer community paddling from 6-7:30pm.  This is an opportunity to get out with other paddlers to challenge yourself.  Whether you’re working on form and technique or training to race, it’s a great to do it with other people.  Some of us bring our dogs and get out there for a little fun.  Book ahead, we switch locations – between Westport, Rowayton and Weed beach.  Standard rental fees apply.

Become part of our ever growing community!