SUPConnect Board Reviews 2017

When you’re looking to buy a board, there’s a lot to think about.  Who will be paddling it, where, what for, and what’s your budget.

  • Who:  the paddler’s size, weight, and experience are all key factors in selecting a board.  Will there be more than one person using the board, are their kids or dogs going out on the board.
  • Where:  are you paddling white water rivers, flatwater, ocean, harbors, surf.  Is the area predominantly windy?
  • What:  recreational paddling – just want to have some fun.  Something for the kids to muck around on (something indestructible).  SUP Surf – recreational paddling, and surfing when the opportunity presents itself.  Touring/distance/performance – hybrid boards/displacement hull.  Racing/performance.
  • Budget:  you can get cheap boards, and you get what you pay for.  A low price point usually means the quality is inferior.  There may be less layers of fiberglass and resin – making it easy to damage.  The deck pad may fade, flake, peel, bubble.  Lack of features e.g. connection point for Go Pro or other accessories, bungy to carry gear, LIFTsup handle or contoured handle for ease of carrying, textured deck pad, graphics, reinforced rails, fiberglass or carbon fiber fin, vacuum packed – lighter.

Talk to the professionals – go to your local SUP shop.  Try out the boards, feel and see for yourself the difference between a $900 and a $1,500 board.  Do your research, it’s an investment – you should have your board for years, or until you trade it for something better, or that performs differently e.g. recreational board to touring to race.  And if you can, support your local SUP shop – they’re the ones educating the market and raising safe, responsible, efficient paddlers.  And they have the risk and expense of a brick and mortar shop.  Shop local mates – keep it personal :

Demo Board Sale

Our demo boards  are ‘samples’ of the boards we retail.  They allow you to ‘try before you buy’ or rent something more exciting than a fleet board.  Select new retail boards are also on sale.  Purchase and take home same day.

  • Discounted anywhere from 10-30%, based on their condition
  • Some may have had minor repairs – all are water worthy
  • Prices in bold represent new retail inventory that are on sale
All Rounder
 Naish Nalu  10’10”  $1,350 w/ankle leash and board bag
Boardworks Kraken 11′ $1,349 $850
Starboard Astro Blend 11’2″ $1,199 $850

Board Package $995
– Fiberglass Global Surf 11’6″ Paddle Board – paddles anyone (up to 265lbs), recreational or SUP/Surf and Amundson Spark 11′ w/full deck trac pad – paddles anyone (up to 275lbs).
– Adjustable Paddle
– Ankle Leash
– Group Lesson

Paddle Boards We Carry

  • 404
  • Amundson
  • Boardworks
  • Global Surf
  • Hala Gear Inflatable
  • Imagine
  • Lahui Kai
  • Lakeshore
  • Red Paddle Inflatable
  • Suplove
  • Surftech
  • Yolo

Downunder carries a comprehensive line of stand-up paddle boards that we feel are the best representation of what’s on the market, what’s ideal for our paddling environment and paddling community.

Boards are available for rent, for sale and to demo — allowing you to ‘give it a go’ before you buy.  It’s personal — what you love could be a totally different experience for someone else.  Try them out, get a feel for the sport, and understand the differences between boards — then choose your baby.  Below you can follow the hyperlinks for each company to view their whole line.  If you want it and we don’t carry it, chances are we can get it for you!

Stand-up paddling extends across borders, genders, cultures, and generations.  It evokes excitement in all who give it a go.  Downunder brings you a wide range of products to inspire adventure in all types of paddlers and allow everyone to explore all the avenues of stand-up paddling — flatwater, whitewater, expedition, surfing, and racing.

404 SUP

404 12’6 Carbon Performance Boards and a 11’6 Touring Board.  During a demo event in the fall of 2015 the response from staff and team riders was universal – ‘we love these boards!’  It was determined that anyone would love the touring board – even paddlers that have yet to paddle a displacement style, and that the comfort and easy of paddling would win them over quickly.  The design, composition, reponsiveness and lightness of the performance board had everyone excited.  It was a ‘no brainer’.  We met Danny Ching numerous times, he’s an exceptional racer and ambassador of the sport – we hold him in high regard and are proud to carry his boards.


“We at Boardworks are passionate about all things to do with the ocean and water lifestyle we all embrace. Our goal is to share that passion, to promote respect for the planet, its creatures and each other and to make surfing and stand up paddle more fun for more people.” Boardworks represents some of the best shapers in the world and bring their premier models to the global water community manufactured with our proprietary construction technologies.

kraken 2krakenmuse

Kraken 12’6″  ;  Kraken 11′   ;   Muse 10’6″

The Kraken 12’6″ is a displacement hull board designed for glide and stability in flat or choppy water, it is the perfect all purpose board for lakes, bays, harbors, and deep docile rivers. Ideal for touring, fitness, and recreational racing.  Beautiful bamboo veneer and graphics.  It comes with a LiftSUP handle for easy portage and tie downs for bringing gear.

“A sandwich molded standup paddle board that is light, tight, and very durable. Each Boardworks TEC-V board consists of a dual-density core, (EPS bonded to a veneer outer shell), fiberglass, and the finest epoxy resins.  Our construction process results in SUPs with amazing strength to weight ratio. Our boards have a “feel” in the water that paddlers of all abilities will.”  12’6″ retails for $1,599.

Boardworks Kraken 11′ – a luxury cruiser that has amazing surf abilities as well, raised step pad on the tail, gorgeous graphics and bamboo veneer.  It’s a ‘twofer’!  Long running length for increased glide, pulled in nose and tail with thinned out rails for performance in the surf.  Great volume – this board will float up to 290lbs!  It’s suitable for recreational paddling through performance.  $1,349.

Boardworks Muse 10’6″ – Same bones, yet smaller and more nimble.  Painted, which cuts down the price, a little wider through the nose gives this board more stability.  $1,149.

Global Surf

Adventurer 11’6 – this is one of our package boards, you can purchase it on it’s own for $850, or as a package for $995 that includes a fiberglass paddle, ankle leash, and free group lesson.  Grommets for bungy cord on the hull makes it versatile.  Go Pro mount on the nose. Recreational board that floats up to 275lbs, surfs, loves flat water, and holds it’s own in chop.  Why is it priced low?  It’s a painted board – less layers of fiberglass and no wood laminate.  What does that mean to you?  Just be careful – its more fragile than the boards with more layers.  Wood laminate usually means a board is lighter, and stronger.


Amundson Spark 11′ – Another package board, with a full deck trac pad. Grommets for bungy cord. Go Pro mount on the nose. Fun, stable, great all rounder for the entire family (even the dogs!). Purchase on it’s own for $999 or as a package for $995 that includes board, paddle , and ankle leash.


Lakeshore Paddleboard Company – Catalog

“Lakeshore Paddleboard Company designs and manufactures stand-up paddleboards specifically for the flat-water market with a core focus on the recreational and fitness aspects of this sport.  Our main goal is to offer a premium brand which truly represents a “lifestyle”; a lifestyle consisting of health, adventure, fun, and freedom.  Lakeshore’s stand-up paddleboards are the ultimate watercraft for exploration, discovery, fitness, and individual expression.  Our board designs are different from the typical ‘surf-style’ SUPs because they have characteristics unique only to flat-water paddling, and they have a displacement hull – designed to cut through chop easily.”

Wet Woody12.6Wet Woody Sport 11’6″ $1,349

A fully wrapped beautiful ash wood matte finish makes this board one of the favorites.  At 29″ wide and built in their DURASHELL construction, the Wet Woody Sport offers performance that fits the widest range of paddlers.  This touring board is one of the most popular we have carried – fast, agile, stable and very responsive.  The Wet Woody Sport is a perfect fit for the typical sports enthusiast and a great size for training, fitness, and all around recreation.



Red Paddle

redpaddle2013lineupInflatable Race and Recreational boards that defy everything you thought about inflatables.  18-25 psi = super rigid, no buckling in the middle!  The race boards even have battons that insert along the rails.  Several layers of pvc contribute to the strength.  Comes in a wheelable back pack, with a phone pack, and room to put a 3 pc paddle inside.  We’re super stoked with this product.
10’6″ x 32 Ride $1,249; 10’8 Activ $1,449; 12’6″ x 30 Performance/Touring $1,579.99


Adventurer 11’2″ – $1395

The Adventurer is great for most paddlers, it’s extra length helps with tracking – going straight, and gives it a bit more speed.  Also crosses over to a surfboard – has flanker fins, that you can add if/when taking to the surf.

“All our board use compressed cell technology – high quality cut foam, vacuum packed multiple times ensuring fiberglass is bonded to the foam. Will not expand or contract in heat, cold or altitude – thus no vent plug! We don’t need it.”  12 month manufacturers guarantee.


Escape TEKEFX Deck.jpg  Surftechgenerator

Surftech is a leading designer and developer of branded boards and accessories that enhance paddling performance.  The company has built and marketing boards for such well-known brands as Bark Paddle, Laird Hamilton, Gerry Lopez, Takayama, and more.  Twenty years in the business speaks for itself — the highest quality and performance boards on the market.  Paddled by SUP race champions.  Why do WE carry them?  Consistency – the boards paddle beautifully, are light, and hard to damage.

This year we’re really excited about the Chameleon 10’4″ and 11’4″. The Chameleon bridges the gap from recreation paddling to adventure touring. This hybrid design combines a displacement nose with a flotation hull to create a board that is exceptionally stable yet still has the drive of a true touring board – $1,099/$1,199.  We continue to carry the Generator – TEKEFX 11’6″ x 32″ $1399 –  gorgeous wood laminate that’s stable for the larger paddler or someone that just wants to feel SUPer safe/minimize their chances of capsizing.  Looking for more umpf?  Go smaller with the Universal TEKEFX 10’6″ x 32″ $1,349.  At a lower price point a painted version (no wood inlay) is the Universal CORETECH 11’6″ x 32″ at $1099.

Yoloboard – You Only Live Once
After extensive research and development, founders Jeff Archer and Tom Losee determined that there was a need for more of a hybrid style stand-up paddle board – one that not only has its roots in traditional surfing but also in other related paddle sports, such as canoeing and kayaking.  Yolo embraces it’s “You Only Live Once” attitude by offering a variety of boards for all paddlers.  Our favorites are the 10’6 Eclipse and the 12′ Original, with beautiful graphics, bamboo decks, and superior traction pads.


 Yolo Eclipse 10’6”

The Eclipse is a great board for those that want something maneuverable.  Great for your medium to smaller sized paddlers – rider recommended limit 185 lbs.  A great crossover board – paddles well in flat water and surf (tri fin set-up).  10” fin, traction pad, center carry handle well, front and rear grommets, and an air-release valve.  Measures: 10’6”, 29.5” wide, 4 ¾” thick, and retails for $1465.


All Around SUP. Perfect for yoga, surfing, fishing, carrying kids or pets. Provides an easy, stable ride suited for beginner to intermediate skill levels. Great on flatwater and small waves.

The Original 12’

Individually hand-shaped, this board is designed for all conditions – flat water or surf.  Its width makes it a very stable board and its length means that once you get going, you get going!  Rider recommended limit 250 lbs.  Families in particular love this board, for it’s graphics and stability, and of course dog owners!  10” fin, traction pad, center carry handle well, front bungee system, front and rear grommets, and an air-release valve.  Measures: 12’, 31.5” wide, 4 ¾” thick, and retails for $1,495.


Their latest design is a cross between a touring and a rec board. The V-shaped hull facilitates more speed and excellent tracking. Features include a built-in bungee system, LIFTSup handle, and  GoPro Camera Mount.

Land Paddling / Skateboards

Kahuna Creations | Penny Nickel | Sector 9

Land Paddling.
SUPs led the way for this trend – land paddling on your longboard.  The Kahuna Big Stick gives you speed, control, breaking capabilities, and a full workout while on a longboard skateboard.  It’s the strongest land paddle, and built with Hawaiian fabric and a fiberglass wrap for weatherproof endurance. Guaranteed not to break.  Retails for $149.

Other Boards we carry!