157 Rowayton Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06853
, 203-642-3660
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What makes our Rowayton location special? It was our first location, is in a charming Nantucket like village, with a lovely cabana like store. It’s a seasonal location, on a smaller river than Westport – that’s great for beginners and kids – and a gorgeous island you can paddle to and from in under two hours. Not to mention the beautiful shoreline.

If you haven’t visited Downunder’s Rowayton location yet, you are in for a treat — it’s a little piece of heaven tucked away under the Rowayton Market — a well-kept secret. The minute you enter the store you feel like you’re on vacation somewhere far far away: you’re in an open-air cabana with sitting areas, surf shop vibe, gorgeous clothing, and accessories for your adventure or to remember it by.


Located right on the picturesque Five Mile River, you have 3/4 mile of flatwater paddling, little creeks to explore, beautiful homes to admire, and an abundance of wildlife. Long Island Sound is just a few minutes away, with the Darien Islands and Norwalk Islands – including a wildlife sanctuary and historical lighthouse (guides recommended).


Anyone can paddle to the islands, about 40 mins from the store it makes a great two-hour excursion and is easy to find. There are many bays, coves, and estuaries to paddle to around Rowayton (check out the paddling chart) and lots of history to learn about in our guided tours.

More experienced paddlers, or those with guides, can even venture out to Sheffield Island and visit the historic lighthouse.


Downunder – Rowayton (Norwalk)
157 Rowayton Ave, Rowayton CT 06853
below the Rowayton Market
Phone number: 203-642-3660
Email: [email protected]

Just minutes away from I-95, exit 12 in Connecticut, Route 1 in Darien and Norwalk, and the Darien train station (serviced by Metro North).

Parking: When you come into town you will see the water on your right, then All Seasons Marina. Take the driveway on your left between the Rowayton Wine Shop and Sails Restaurant (directly across the street from the Rowayton Market). Parking is all the way back to the far left in the Community Lot. Street parking is for street-front businesses and 1-hour ONLY. There is some parking along the street before you reach the shops, and on side streets, Fairfield County Bank parking lot outside of hours – at the first intersection in town.

Belongings & Arrival Time: Be sure to allow time to return your personal possessions to your car. Neither location has room for storage, so anything that you are not taking with you should remain in your car. You will need to leave a credit card with the store. We recommend arriving 1/2 hour before your reservation time.

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Special Features
  • Seasonal Surf Shop – Mother’s Day weekend through Labor Day weekend – everything you need for kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding or just being surfer dude hip with our very cool fashions! Our Westport Surf Shop is open year-round – something fun and fashionable for all seasons, year round.
  • The perfect party place – corporate, friends, family – rent out the Rowayton Market’s upper deck (seats 30, with spillover to Downunder of 10-20 including the dock). Add watersports, or not. Awesome for a sunset party and very effective for a corporate breakfast meeting before hitting the water, or water first, meeting second, OR meeting on an island…