SUP Yoga – The Movie!

10 Reasons to Practice Stand Up Paddle Yoga

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Join Danielle Brown of Thumbs Up Yoga for SUP Yoga in our Rowayton location.  Danielle has been teaching SUP Yoga for three years and leads a trip to The Bitter End  in the British Virgin Islands every February.  She is a great ambassador for the sport – and added bonus, she’s a certified ASI SUP Instructor – so you’ll get some tips as well.

In Westport, join Monzelle Schmiedeck, Lisa Giordano, Greg Barringer and Michelle Didner.

Yoga is all about balance – as is paddle boarding: In this class, our instructor takes you slowly through a variety of yoga moves chosen carefully to help you be successful – no-one likes a wet down-dog! What’s really cool is that it encourages you to slow down and really focus on your form, as well as settle into that yogi frame of mind, being in the elements, breathing the fresh air. Bonus: it improves your confidence on a paddleboard and so your skill.

Paddling environment: Both the Saugatuck and Five Mile Rivers are ideal paddling locations for yoga – protected waterways with creeks and inlets out of the wind. Head out to the Sound for more challenging conditions, and a maze of islands and tributaries to paddle.

This yoga offering is very popular for private groups – groups of friends, families (yes, dads have been known to give it a go), bachelorettes, corporate groups – think about sunset yoga to help your staff/mates ‘chill’.


Classes and Pricing

1.15 hours – paddling to and from location, and class.  Some SUP experience necessary – this is not a lesson.

  • $45 by the class
  • 5 Class Package $180 (= 1 class free – must be used in season)

Own board:  It is recommended that you use our boards, to eliminate congestion getting private boards out. 

Stay out longer for $15
There is a discount if you decide to paddle after your yoga class – now that you’re limber, it will be so much more fun!  Be sure to let us know when you book to ensure there is availability.